Aurigraph DLT Protocol and Platform

5 min readDec 28, 2021
Aurigraph DLT Protocol
Aurigraph DLT Protocol

Aurigraph DLT Protocol is designed to offer Realtime Reconciliation, Audit and Track-and-Trace across value chains for Transaction related services for Enterprise and Edge computing. In doing so, Aurigraph DLT can deliver over an estimated 30% reduction in Operational Expenses for Large Enterprises by eliminating expensive Accounting, Administrative and Audit expenses, and effort across value chains, unlocking 4–7% of cash flow and thereby, increasing profits. When a large volume of transactions needs to be managed across enterprises, blockchain and centralized platforms fall short on scalability, throughput, and security, exposing enterprises to downtime and data risk. Further, Reconciliation, Settlement and Audit take additional resources to clear transactions stuck in suspense accounts, resulting in delays and revenue loss.

Aurigraph DLT Protocol

Aurigraph DLT protocol takes Triple entry accounting a few steps forward by digitizing the matching and reconciliation process applying cryptography for data confidentiality, security, and privacy. As soon as more than five nodes are active in a network, a notary is randomly elected in under 300 ms for a period of a few sunders. Transacting nodes will share encrypted transaction data with the notary to match and obtain consensus before publishing to the ledger in under 500 ms. Subsequent legs of the transaction are again matched and reconciled with previous legs to reflect in the same distributed public ledger, creating an interlocking system of enduring accounting records. Since the entries are distributed and cryptographically sealed, their immutability and transparency are assured, delivering Real-time reconciliation and Audit with ability to Trace transactions across Value chains thereby, unlocking value for enterprises at scale while increasing profits, governance, and administrative efficiencies. The protocol offers other use cases such as Decentralized Identities, Clearing houses, marketplaces, Non-Fungible Tokens, Reconciliation and Track-and-Trace applications in Finance and Supply Chain.

Aurigraph DLT Platform Overview

1.1 Aurigraph DLT Platform Overview

1. Super scalability: Aurigraph offers High Scalability and throughput of over one hundred thousand Transactions per second (TPS) and Low Latency of Under 500 milliseconds. In comparison, Enterprise Blockchains face challenges beyond 2000 TPS with latency ranging from minutes to hours.

2. True Event Time stamp: Aurigraph offers true transaction time stamping while Blockchain offers Proof-of-work or Proof-of stake time stamp

3. True BFT: Aurigraph offers True BFT as the transaction validation and consensus is achieved in near-real time, making it one of the most robust DLT protocols for enterprise.

4. Super Secure: Aurigraph uses Post Quantum Cryptography to secure Data at Rest and Transit, thus making it future proof, by securing data even after the advent of Quantum computing.

5. Attachments: Aurigraph is the only DLT platform to offer attachments as a part of the transaction.

6. Low on resources: Aurigraph DLT is designed to work with exceptionally low system resources using Low RAM and storage requirements, making it possible to deploy on mobile platforms and edge computing.

7. Fixed fee: Aurigraph offers fixed transaction fee model to enable predictable smart contract and transaction fee, payable in Aurigraph Tokens, unlike Ethereum’s speculative “gas” fee.

8. Green DLT Platform: Aurigraph is the Greenest of DLT platforms with lowest energy needs as on date. Each node will consume less than Two USD energy per year.

9. Tokens: Aurigraph supports Utility Tokens as an instrument to pay for Smart contract Subscription and Transaction Fee. Aurigraph tokens will be available at the time for developer hackathons to incentivize developers to build enterprise smart contracts and DApps on Aurigraph DLT. Aurigraph Tokens can be bought using FIAT currency. Aurigraph Tokens will be available as Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens and can be used as per use cases.

10. Business Smart-contracts: Aurigraph supports Business Smart contracts that can be written in Drools, either as code or a GUI editor with drag-and-drop for easy adoption and implementation, even by non-technical teams.

11. Smart contracts Templates are registered in the Smart contract Templates Repository and versioned. Users may subscribe to Smart Contract Templates using Aurigraph Tokens and enter their terms of contract before digitally signing and sealing the Smart contract. The Digitally signed smart contract is then compiled and sealed in the immutable Aurigraph Ledger with a sealed copy in each stakeholder’s vault for execution. All copies are immutable and accessible by the signed stakeholders as per their respective roles, secured with their respective digital signatures.

12. Node APIs: All services through Aurigraph Node and management services are accessible through REST APIs for Front end and Smart Contract Development with Role Based Access Control

13. 3rd Party Integration: Aurigraph Enterprise Nodes can be integrated with third party applications using REST APIs using Apache Camel as the Enterprise Integration platform with over four hundred connectors to ERPs, CRMS, and numerous other third-party applications.

14. Decentralized Apps (DApps): Front end Applications may be developed using Angular or React JS integrated with Node APIs.

15. Identity and Access Management: Aurigraph offers integrated Identity and Access Management (IAM) with Certificate Authority (CA) Server for digitally secured IAM services with PKI (digital signature) services with multi-factor authentication and biometrics.

16. Logging and Search: Aurigraph Logging and Search includes all system logs of all nodes and with pre-set alerts and notifications for system health maintenance and management

17. Deployment: Aurigraph DLT operates on DLT-as-a-Service Model. The Management Services are hosted by Aurigraph and offered as a SaaS to customers to manage their applications and nodes.

18. Hosting: Aurigraph Nodes may be deployed on Aurigraph Cloud hosting or On-Prem at customer site.

19. Attachments: Aurigraph is the only DLT to support Attachments in transactions




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